Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snip snip

Poor Perogi lost his manhood yesterday. He went under the knife at the Vet and was neutered. Thankfully the surgery went well. He was sooo out of it last night, it was so cute. He didn't seem like he was in much pain which made me very happy. Today he is definitely back to his normal self minus the humping :)
Perogi post op:

To make up for his surgery i bought him some very masculine clothes. He needed a new sweater and coat anyway since he gained 5 pounds in 1 month!!! (that seems unbelievable to me) He is now 18.5 lbs and Bella is only 15! Below are pics of him modeling his new wardrobe:

his bomber jacket with fur hood!
his winter hunting sweater..can't get more manly than that :)


Weeny&Daisy said...

Aww we hope you arent in too much pain, and you look very handsome with your new jacket!

Love Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Boy & Girl said...

oh bless his heart. took our pug just a few hours to recover and he was back to his exploring self. thank you for stopping by my blog!

Nevis said... what age did Perogi start Humping? I keep expecting Napoleon to start is 6 months the usual age dogs get neutered? Did he hump Bella? I'm not curious in a perverted way - it's because I have two young puggies and I'm curious about what to expect.

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh poor lil's okay Big man. Turbo lost his manhood too and he still likes to find his Teddy bear to get romantic with..( wink wink)sometimes he still tried to get frisky with Belle and

ladypug said...

I am sorry to inform Perogi that his "manly" sweater also belongs to my lady-Clementine....
Oh well. Maybe she looks really butch in it?
He still looks quite handsome.

GRANDMA R said...