Monday, January 7, 2008

Perogi's so excited :-/

ok, just recently whenever Perogi gets excited he pees a little. Today in the elevator he saw his boxer friend Tyson and was so happy he left a little present for all the other patrons in the elevator. Very embarassing for me let me tell ya (especially when i have nothing on me to clean it) Last night it happened again when he and bella were wrestling, we think she was a little agressive and he literally was so scared he peed his pants. Unfortunately in this case he peed the couch. Do any of you pug owners have any experience with this?? We're hoping he either grows out of this or it will be taken care of when he gets fixed. (jan 30th). Until then he's just our little peeing machine.

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rpm said...

Hey y'all, I came over from Pug Posse to see Bella and Perogi. They are so cute. I love Perogi's dark face!!