Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wanna buy a Mini??

Jeff bought a new car (yay) so he has to sell his old one. By old i mean 2 years old. It's a mini cooper s. It's super cute and super fast. See below. If anyone is interested let us know!

Now onto pug related news....We can definitely say that Perogi is officially trained!! Yipee!! He's only 6 months but has not had an accident in the house in forever. Jeff couldn't get home from work to walk them and we left him out of his crate yesterday. We came home at 5 to find 2 perfect puggies waiting anxiously to go out. We're so proud of him!! (At 6 months Bella was NOWHERE near trained)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I wanna be a Puggy model

We got a special delivery for the Puggies recently. My mom sent us a package with new outfits for the kids. They loved em!! We all know Bella loves getting dressed up but i didn't realize how much perogi likes it as well. He was strutting his stuff all over the apt.

This is Perogi's bomber jacket. Doesn't he look so handsome?

She also bought him a velour hoodie for when he works out. It has studs all across the bottom and hood and it says "punk pup". hehe

Bella was not forgotten. She got a tshirt that says "local celebrity". It's perfect for her since she prances around like she is famous and we're her entourage. She did win the first ever pet of the month at our apartment complex :)

Thanks Mom!!! Your grandkids sent licks your way.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Deep Creek Lake

For Jeff's birthday we rented a cabin at Deep Creek lake and invited a bunch of his friends to celebrate. It is so wondeful there. The house was right on the lake, which was completely frozen.

I had my friend Tammy bring a cake for Jeff so he wouldn't see it and we surprised him.

If you can't read it well that top says "happy 29th birthday Jeff" He loved it and had to have a taste immediately :)

The next day we all went for a walk on the lake. There was even a family ice fishing. It was pretty cool even though in the back of my mind i was freaking out that i could fall in. I was assured that it was frozen solid, but you never know

Here's the house from the view of the lake

The ice fisherfamily. Look at the view!!

a picture of jeff and me, of course the puppies had to get in on it too!! Bella and Perogie LOVED! the lake and running around without their harnesses/leashes all weekend.

Naked bella without harness.

The pugs were exhausted when they got home, and so were their owners :)
Oh and guess what??? Jeff stopped smoking on monday!! So as of today, he's 3 days smoke free. He's taking Chantix and using Nicorette gum. I'm soooo proud of him.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jeff shows off his birthday suit

No, it's not what you are thinking...this is a pg rated site. Silly readers! I bought Jeff a Hugo Boss suit for his birthday. He looks sooo good in it. What do you think? He wore it to our Valentine's dinner.

We didn't do too much for Valentine's day b/c Jeff's birthday is the day after and he thinks it takes away from his special day. We usually just go out to dinner. This year we went to Morton's. It was delish. I got the surf and turf. I took a picture of it while noone was looking.

The pugs weren't left out of the equation. They got a package from their grandparents Ken and Debbie in CT. (we got some chocolates too..yummy)

all the presents!
The pugs investigating. They could smell it was something yummy
They love these, here is bella sitting patiently for hers
They also got these paw cookies..which look like real cookies but with paw prints on them. They absolutely love these. I swear i think perogi swallows it whole.
Anyway, on behalf of myself, Jeff, Bella and Perogi we want to thank Ken and Debbie for their wonderful valentine package. Many kisses....
Alright so that sums of valentines day. Tomorrow i'll post pictures of Jeff's birthday weekend at the lake and his tooth birthday cake. I know, the suspense must be killing all of you..yea right :)

Hey All!

Hey, just wanted to let you all know that our internet has been down since last week! we finally fixed it but i'm on my way to work

I will post lots of new pics of valentine's day, jeff's bday and our trip to deep creek lake

Stay tuned...........

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Red Sunset and Doggie Friends

Sorry the posts are slow coming but i've been lazy. It has been SOOOO cold here and i have little motivation to do much of anything.

Anywho, the other morning we woke up to a red bedroom. It was the strangest thing, the sun coming through our window shone a beautiful color red. Jeff quickly snatched some pictures from our balcony. They don't truly depict the red that we saw but you get the idea:

Later that day we had some friends over and they brought bella and perogi's friends. it was our own little puppie meetup.

Below is a picture of our friend Micah with her poochies tippie (perogi's girlfriend) and thompson (bella's boyfriend) they are all so adorable together and love eachother so much

Here's Alex with his boxer puppy Tyson. Hard to believe that he was once smaller then Bella

Here's my friend Michael's pug puppy Max, he's adorable and has such a great pug personality.
They all went to the park together.

Well, that's a rundown of all our doggie friends. We're lucky to live in an area where everyone owns a dog, and obviously Bella and Perogi are very popular. :)
Gotta run, Big Brother season premiere starts and i'm quite obsessed.......

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Rug Doctor is in!

Last night i came to the realization that our carpet looked gross due to all the puppy training that has taken place. I know that this is every puppy owner's reality but now that Perogi is 6months old, and for the most part trained, it was time to do a little carpet cleaning. I wish i had a before picture to show you but it was too embarrassing to put on camera. Here is what we used:

We rented it from Safeway for only $21!!

Here's the after:

Our carpet looks brand new, not 1 stain has remained!!! Even Perogi is impressed. The rug doctor is really easy to use quite affordable!! So...until we move someplace that has hardwood floors and our stubborn pugs are perfectly trained, we're gonna rent this every couple of months. You would totally be surprised how much dirt and yuckiness it picked up.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Bored at work

Hey i just read this book today at work. Obviously we were very slow. It's super cute and definitely recommended if you own pugs. Warning to all the guys: It's definitely chic-lit. I loved it b/c it's about a girl from long island who loves pugs (like me!!!). Let me know if any of you read it or have read it.