Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snip snip

Poor Perogi lost his manhood yesterday. He went under the knife at the Vet and was neutered. Thankfully the surgery went well. He was sooo out of it last night, it was so cute. He didn't seem like he was in much pain which made me very happy. Today he is definitely back to his normal self minus the humping :)
Perogi post op:

To make up for his surgery i bought him some very masculine clothes. He needed a new sweater and coat anyway since he gained 5 pounds in 1 month!!! (that seems unbelievable to me) He is now 18.5 lbs and Bella is only 15! Below are pics of him modeling his new wardrobe:

his bomber jacket with fur hood!
his winter hunting sweater..can't get more manly than that :)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

We're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!

Hey everyone! We're back from NY. We had a wonderful time (didn't take many pics unfortunately) and we missed our puggies terribly. They had a great time with their Grandma and were SOOOO excited to see us. Here's a picture of them in the car on the way home.

after a long 4 hour drive from NY we were so excited to see that we were back in DC

The pentagon and the airforce memorial. Even Bella had a look to see our familiar sites.

After we got home we gave them each a bath. Boy did they need it. afterwards they were super fluffy!!

We think the secret weapon to their softness and shiny coats is this:
It used to be my shampoo but it seems to work better on the pugs :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Don't leave us!!!

Tomorrow, Jeff and I leave to go to New York to visit my family. Unfortunately we can't take the pooches. This is the first time since we got Perogi that we are leaving him, and for 4 nights!! :-( We're dropping them off at their grandma's and uncle Matt's for the long weekend. One sight of the suitcases and Bella knew what was going on. She always acts so weird when she sees us packing. I think she gave Perogi a heads up b/c he started acting mopey too.

Perogi's looking like "can't you just pack me in here Mom?"

Monday, January 21, 2008

Diamonds are a pug's best friend

While cleaning the house today i realized all was quiet. I found bella on the couch snuggling with her Sniffany & Co toy. Was she trying to tell me something?? I hope she realizes her bday isn't until May. Silly Bella :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Hi Mom!!

This is for my mom who always complains how she never sees any pictures of me on our blog!! So mom, here you go. This is me on my bday showing off my new earrings. See you soon!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Finally, our official 1st snowstorm of the season. We got a wopping big 1.5 inches!!!! Here's the view from our doorway looking out at our courtyard. Luckily i didn't have to work so i had some time to spend it in the snow with the pooches

Here they are on the way down (they don't realize it's not going to be their usual walk)

Bella and Perogi both remember the snow from when we were in CT recently and were none too pleased to see it again. I have to look for little booties for them b/c they hate walking in the snow, especially now that it's been raining and it's all slushy!! Hmm..wonder if they make puppy Burberry goloshes?? haha just kidding, or am i?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Medieval Times..

Perogi was really bummed that while his mom and dad were at Medieval Times he was stuck home. He thought their whole "no pets allowed policy" was bogus. He's a professional at eating without hands...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a way to leave for work!

Every morning when Jeff doesn't have patients till late, this is the scene that i leave when i go to work. The level of cuteness is unbelievable and it makes it very difficult to get up and go!!

Went to Medieval times, will post some pics tomorrow!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Perogi's a handsome devil!

Perogi is the next centerfold in the new edition of Playpug....haha

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Designer Puggy

When we were in chicago, we went to the cutest dog store and i had a momentary lapse in sanity and bought bella a Juicy Couture coat for $65. Jeff thought i was crazy, and so did i (i don't even own a juicy coat) but whenever she wears it people stop us likes she's a superstar. She knows it too, so she prances around when she wears it, it's too funny

It's also reversible:

Well for christmas one of my presents from jeff was really big. I open it up to find a big coach box. I get really excited, b/c i love coach purses!!! well what did i find??

a Coach outfit for Bella!!!! as much as i love it, it was WAY too expensive, and way overboard for our dog (not to mention not a present for ME!) I joke with him that for his birthday coming up i'm gonna buy perogi an outfit from louis vuitton. Either way, bella loves it and gladly poses for the camera...notice how perogi has to get into every picture! haha, he's so adorable.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Pug tape dispenser?

You have to see it to believe it. We got one from Jeff's mom for xmas. How cute is that? If you look on the internet hard enough you can find anything/everything pug!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Too cute!!!!

Yay!!! Daddy's home!

70's in January????

Enjoying this unusually gorgeous weather we are having in DC, i took the pugs to our friend's house. He has a pug puppy named max who is the cutest, fattest puppy i've ever seen.

max (4 months)

perogi and max couldn't get enough of eachother. They are only 1 month apart and bought from the same breeder, i wonder if they remember eachother...

We took them on a long walk around old town. Needless to say after hours of wrestling, licking and playing the are exhausted!! Gives me some down time, yay!

zonked!! now mom can get some stuff done in peace :)

Perogi's so excited :-/

ok, just recently whenever Perogi gets excited he pees a little. Today in the elevator he saw his boxer friend Tyson and was so happy he left a little present for all the other patrons in the elevator. Very embarassing for me let me tell ya (especially when i have nothing on me to clean it) Last night it happened again when he and bella were wrestling, we think she was a little agressive and he literally was so scared he peed his pants. Unfortunately in this case he peed the couch. Do any of you pug owners have any experience with this?? We're hoping he either grows out of this or it will be taken care of when he gets fixed. (jan 30th). Until then he's just our little peeing machine.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bella <3 beer

Bella loves her some beer. But only straight from the bottle. She only licks around the sides of the bottle, but you have to love the way she holds on tight. We know booze isn't good for the dogs, which is why they only get crystal meth. hehe

Vacations are fun

We threw the pugs off the bed because they were in full play mode and found them a half hour later snoozing amidst our clothes. It was cold in CT, hence the arctic gear. P.s. that is real seal fur on Bella. I clubbed it myself.

Car Fun Times

We headed up to CT to visit family over the holidays. This being Perogi's first car trip, we weren't sure what to expect. Somehow he managed to barf up three times the volume of food we gave him before he left. Cruising down the

highway at 85 mph and trying to forcefeed benadryl to a sick pug is not fun. I'm not sure whether this pic is pre- or post-yacking, but he wasn't thrilled. Bella took time to stick her tongue out at the camera.

Welcome to our blog

So after reading a million pug blogs the past few months, Jeff told me he was gonna help me set one up so we can chronicle the lives of our cutest little friends. We figure since 95% of all the pictures we take are of our pugs we might as well put them to good use. We'll try to post regularly to give everyone a little entertainment...

Here's a couple pics from Bella's fashion show earlier this year.

Perogi ignores the five second rule

When we don't move fast enough to get Perogi his food in the morning he tends to get angry. He took it upon himself to knock the cup of food out of my hand, saving himself 1.2 precious seconds of painful waiting.

Hi vicky!