Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Designer Puggy

When we were in chicago, we went to the cutest dog store and i had a momentary lapse in sanity and bought bella a Juicy Couture coat for $65. Jeff thought i was crazy, and so did i (i don't even own a juicy coat) but whenever she wears it people stop us likes she's a superstar. She knows it too, so she prances around when she wears it, it's too funny

It's also reversible:

Well for christmas one of my presents from jeff was really big. I open it up to find a big coach box. I get really excited, b/c i love coach purses!!! well what did i find??

a Coach outfit for Bella!!!! as much as i love it, it was WAY too expensive, and way overboard for our dog (not to mention not a present for ME!) I joke with him that for his birthday coming up i'm gonna buy perogi an outfit from louis vuitton. Either way, bella loves it and gladly poses for the camera...notice how perogi has to get into every picture! haha, he's so adorable.


♥PugPosse♥ said...

Ok...excuse me as I pick my jaw up off of my Laptop! OMG I was just at COACH the other day and I looked at that very same coach Dog Coat! I so badly eanted to buy 2 for Willow and Belle...or the Pink collars I told the saled clerk My husband would KILL me if I bought it... Did you happen to see what My Husband got me for Christmas on my Blog? Wink Wink~ ;)

when Bella outgrows it...Think of

Leah said...

VERY cute! I had no idea that juice couture and coach had doggie jackets!

Weeny&Daisy said...

Awww what sweet jackets! The puggies look adorable!

Daisy is especially eyeing up the pink one!

Pee Ess, we have to wake up at 6.30, or I will be late for work! If i had my way, we would sleep in a LOT later!

Love Livvy, Weeny and Daisy xx xx

Christine & Giggs said...

I love them both! The COACH coat is nice for dressy occasions ;)

Now Perogi needs some Haute Couture so he doesn't feel left out!

girlville said...

bella is one stylin' pug! i really like her coach coat.

Nevis said...

Wow, girl! Your dog is chic-er than we are!!!

Jessica said...

I to am a lover of Coach! That is to cute!! I so need a little girl puggie to get all the cute pink outfits. Winston and Hef wouldn't like the pink I am sure!