Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer slump

Hey everyone, sorry i have been MIA with posting. I wish i could say i've been so busy, but besides working on my tan at my pool and working i've been super unproductive with life. It's so hard to spend the day at the computer when it's so nice outside. My picture taking has also seemed to be nonexistent lately. I'm in a summer slump!

The Pugs are doing really well, they've been just chillaxing, wrestling with eachother, and eating everything in site. Bella has been "bootscooting" a lot lately so i'm gonna have to take her to the vet to get her anal glands expressed. Boy, let me tell you is she not a fan of that. For some reason her anal glands get full soooo fast, we haven't had any issues with Perogi yet.

Anyway here are some recent pics of the babies and a recent play date with Perogi's biological sister Tressie with my friend Chelsea.

This is Chelsea with Tressie and Bella. It's so cute when she comes over. You can totally tell that her and Perogi are related. They have the same doggyisms and love being with eachother.