Monday, January 7, 2008

70's in January????

Enjoying this unusually gorgeous weather we are having in DC, i took the pugs to our friend's house. He has a pug puppy named max who is the cutest, fattest puppy i've ever seen.

max (4 months)

perogi and max couldn't get enough of eachother. They are only 1 month apart and bought from the same breeder, i wonder if they remember eachother...

We took them on a long walk around old town. Needless to say after hours of wrestling, licking and playing the are exhausted!! Gives me some down time, yay!

zonked!! now mom can get some stuff done in peace :)


Nevis said...

Such cute puggies!

Shannon said...

Your pugs are way too cute! Welcome to bloggy world!
mom to pugs Kiki & Molly

♥PugPosse♥ said...

I wonder if the pugs know that the other pug is a "PUG" when mine pugs are around other dog that is not a Pug breed they don't get as excited but when they come in contact with another Pug they go know what I mean?