Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Red Sunset and Doggie Friends

Sorry the posts are slow coming but i've been lazy. It has been SOOOO cold here and i have little motivation to do much of anything.

Anywho, the other morning we woke up to a red bedroom. It was the strangest thing, the sun coming through our window shone a beautiful color red. Jeff quickly snatched some pictures from our balcony. They don't truly depict the red that we saw but you get the idea:

Later that day we had some friends over and they brought bella and perogi's friends. it was our own little puppie meetup.

Below is a picture of our friend Micah with her poochies tippie (perogi's girlfriend) and thompson (bella's boyfriend) they are all so adorable together and love eachother so much

Here's Alex with his boxer puppy Tyson. Hard to believe that he was once smaller then Bella

Here's my friend Michael's pug puppy Max, he's adorable and has such a great pug personality.
They all went to the park together.

Well, that's a rundown of all our doggie friends. We're lucky to live in an area where everyone owns a dog, and obviously Bella and Perogi are very popular. :)
Gotta run, Big Brother season premiere starts and i'm quite obsessed.......


Nevis said...

A mini dog meetup! :) Looks like you guys had fun...but the pugs were definatly the cutest dogs there..!

♥PugPosse♥ said...

Aww...Puppy L♥ve! They all would make cute babies. (oops!!! sorry Perogie! I forgot about your recent surgery..I am so sorry?)
I am envious of your nice weather!

Bella and Perogi said...

Nice weather no more! As i write this we are having an ice storm. Gotta love those

Paula @ Pug Hugs said...

Happy Valentines Day! We love puggy meetups too. We are having that same not so nice weather..I am ready for Spring.