Sunday, March 2, 2008

No fun times :(

It's been one long, anything but fun, weekend
1. Our computer crashed!!!!! I come home from work on thursday and the computer is black so i restarted it. Jeff comes home and restarts it thinking i did something. Fast forward 24 hours....still not working. Jeff called our good friends at Dell and turns out our hard drive blew out. Our HARDDRIVE with ALL our pics, our thousands of itunes!! They are gonna send us a new harddrive and we're gonna TRY to get our stuff off our old one. Whenever they say they will try it means in computer language that there's no chance :(
2. Since Wednesday poor Perogi has had stomach issues. He's had the doggie equivalent of the "runs" (all over our carpet). Let me just tell you...definitely not fun times, especially since we just cleaned out carpets a couple weeks back He got better towards friday but got worse this weekend. Took him to the vet and they gave him flagyl and food to eat. He's acting fine, but he's going to the bathroom like 10 times a day and it's not solid :( Poor thing....i hope he gets better! It's so hard seeing your poor puggie under the weather.
3. Jeff and i celebrated our 2nd anniversary on saturday but had to cancel our dinner reserva b/c we felt like poop. Turns out i think we both have a form of the flu. Fever, chills,lethargy,nausea (you know all the fun stuff)

So now i'm at work hoping 6pm comes soon so i can join the rest of my sick family at home. Obviously i won't be able to post until our computer gets fixed, hopefully by the end of the week. i'll keep you guys posted, no pun intended :)



♥PugPosse♥ said...

Oh have alot on your plate....Man your Computer Crashed? that really sucks...Been there! and lot EVERYTHING!
The Flu is up this way too. Really hard. so far here ( knock on wood) we have not had any symptoms...( finge4rs crossed we make our vacation with out a cold!)
Oh NO! A sick Puggie? I hate it when ours ( or any) are sick. I feel so bad and wish they could understand we are doing all we can to make them better... it looks like you live on a high floor? It must be tough getting them out in time before an accident? are you able to put a Potty pad on the balcony? for them to go on??
I hope you all start to feel better really soon! ((Hugs))

HaPpY 2nd Anniversary you both!

ladypug said...

Oh jeeez -I'm so sorry. Both our puggies had a little doggie virus this past winter and it was heart breaking, they were so sick AND my husband was out of town so I was running around the house cleaning up puggy-runs for two days. Hope you all get to feeling better soon. (Including the computer)

Lucy said...

Sick puggies and feeling ill are not fun, take care of everyone and feel better.

The Devil Dog said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary. As for everything else, blech! That's rough.


Weeny&Daisy said...

Aww poor things! We hope tha tyou and Perogi feel better soon and that you can sort stuff out with your hard drive!

Love Weeny and daisy xx xx

Pee Ess, Happy Anniversary!